Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 5 Last Week

1) The weather - one day it snowed, the next day it was beautiful!

2) Bodie Time! The woof and I had a ball last week. We went on two runs together, the dog park and played rope 3 mornings before work! 

He was one tired pup at the end of the week.

3) Robin Eggs & tea - the simple things in life : )

I highly recommend Guayaki tea. I usually buy the bottled tea, but opted for the Chai Spice Mate and Mate Chocolatte tea bags. Brew the tea as usual and add two tablespoons milk...delicious! Make sure to wash it down with 10 to 20 Robin Eggs!

4) New BIGGER Apartment! The best part, the woof LOVES it! Bodie is like a whole new dog. He just lays in the middle of the living room and does not go near the couch (woo hoo!).

Bodie's Favorite Room
More pictures to come once we are all moved in.

5) First day in the new place means good eatin! 

Bagel Sandwiches
Bodie enjoyed his share
Goat Cheese & 3 Greens Lasagna 
I enjoyed a run in the sun during lunch today, but am still feeling a little motivated. Off to the gym (or maybe just 500 abs). 

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