Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bear is back

It's officially SPRING! The sprinklers are running, the High Line Canal is packed full of bikers, runners and walkers, and Bear is out and about.

Not that bear. Bear is a big, burly man living in the apartment complex. Every morning when the weather inches above 50 degrees I wind my walk down (with the woof of course) and Bear begins his. Bodie quickly runs behind me (scaredy cat) and I inch as close to the parked cars as I can get (I guess you could call me a scaredy cat too). Then Bear reminds Bodie and I of his soft, sincere disposition with an energetic "Hi, how are you?" Bear stepped up his style over the winter and was sporting a fashionable neon vest last Wednesday.

You know what else Spring means...firsts! This Spring I would like to hold myself accountable. I am working to present myself in the best manner as possible - healthy, patient & caring. What better way than to blog! Join me as I build my closet : ), live a healthy life, and dip my toes in the world of business.

Here it goes : )

I spent the day with my mom and sister shopping for bridesmaid dresses. We began at Jessica McClintock (literally a 2 minute trip), ran over to Nordstrom's, then Cache, Macy's, and finally David's Bridal. We found some great leads! 

Don't worry we took a break towards the end for lunch at Brio. I enjoyed the grilled salmon salad. Who knew pesto Salmon was so delicious? Oh yeah, the crispy shoestring potatoes didn't taste too bad either! I practically licked my plate clean. 

After the shopping excursion concluded, my mom, dad, and I hit up the grocery store. I picked up ingredients to make Mexican Lasagna and Strawberry Cheesecake bars. Both turned out delicious (thanks to moms help).  
You are probably thinking how gross the lasagna looks, but I assure you it tastes delicious! 

Look for the recipe section soon!

Off to catch a good night's sleep before Andrew and I begin packing up our apartment. We are moving to a BIGGER apartment next weekend! Have a great night!

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